Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 54

The weather was fine as I was driving to work. I was playing a newly downloaded and burned Brad Paisley cd. As the day continued the skies turned that shade of snow gray. It started to snow, a little at first and then heavy. Then to white out conditions. All I kept thinking was Holy Crap I did not wear my snow boots.
I brought Reda her lanyard. I brought Alisha the brochure for the treadmill and the pictures of the wired stones for Debra. I think I remembered everything. I even brought the Tarot cards my friend Steve gave me which were a big hit. I'm bringing them in again tomorrow.

By the time I drove home the snow had stopped. First time in a very long time I had to brush snow off my car. Roads weren't too bad, most were sanded. I did a  little slide in one place but not too bad.

I think with my weight loss my blood sugar is finally becomming manageable again. One can only hope!

Taco night!

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