Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 206

Another hot day here. I'm still making jewelry and catching up watching some shows I recorded.
I watched to great shows on PBS yesterday. One was a concert of 3 Canadian women acts. Dala, Oh Suzanna and Good Lovelies. Awesome music if you like women singer/songwriters. So I went a searching on emusic and sure enough they had all three and I had 50 downloads to use. Everytime I think about non subscribing to emusic something like this comes up and I'm glad I didn't. So, new music to listen to at work on Monday.
The other show was Dr. Neal Barnhart on Reversing Diabletes. He made it sound uncomplicated. I bought his book from BOMC2 a while ago. I need to pull it down from the shelf and give it a read.

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