Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 163

I think I wore myself out today. I used to be able to go and go all day long, but, I guess not anymore.
Went to Costco and by miracle made it out of there for $35.00. Usually its $200 or more. Then to Michael's to get things to finish Linda's retirement gift and memory pages for Linda and Judy. Don't you love being assigned craft projects as homework for work? **smile**
Dogs off to the groomer and then I tackled the grocery store. When I got home that was the end. I crashed and took a nap till the dogs were done.
Cleaned and cut the strawberries while watching Billy the Exterminator. Tacos for dinner and then with the Native American flute music playing I drifted to sleep early. It was warm enough to open a window throughout the night. A good restful sleep.

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