Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday - Lughnasadh

The name of this festival is Irish Gaelic for "Commemoration of Lugh". Some authors give the meaning as marriage, gathering or feast (in the name of) of Lugh. The meaning remains basically the same: Lugh is the Deity of Lughnasadh, and there is a feast.

Although Lugh gives his name to this festival, it is also associated with Lugh's foster mother Tailtiu, who is said to have cleared the way for the introduction of agriculture in Ireland, thus linking Lughnasadh to the land and the harvest.

The modern Irish Gaelic name for the month of August is Lúnasa. In Scottish Gaelic Lunasda means the 1st of August.

One of several historic sources for the four Celtic fire festivals Imbolc, Bealtaine, Lughnasadh und Samhain is the early medieval Irish tale "Tochmarc Emire" (The Wooing of Emer), which is part of the Ulster Cycle. In the form we know it today it was written in the 10th or 11th century CE, but it is safe to assume that this tale - like so many others - contains a much older nucleus.

Finally got out of the house in the early afternoon. Starting to get warmer. Went to the Social Security office for the 2nd time to drop off papers that we did last time that they said they did not have. From there went by the Postal Annex for the mail and then Safeway for supplies and a prescription (that was not ready). A quick stop before heading home because we forgot ice. I bought a Mega Millions ticket along with the ice.

The Spotted Moose Cafe served BLT's for dinner. Looks like sandwiches are on the menu for the rest of the week.

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